Finding Comfort in the Kitchen: Cohort 10’s Cookbook

By Victoria Campbell

Over the two short years we shared, steeped in the uncertainty of new places, we sat with one another at kitchen counters, dining room tables, and on picnic blankets; offering comfort and friendship through the heaping plates of food we had prepared together, and for each other. These meals served as the catalyst for our shared cookbook, compiled by the thirty-one members of cohort 10 in the spring of 2019 when the memory of many nights spent far from home was fresh in our thoughts. This cookbook became what I had described in its introduction as “our own little cultural catalogue, a retainer for our memories together, and a means for bringing about new memories with loved ones.”

Now, in this globally uncertain time, when the most fortunate of us are confined to our homes, we experience the opposite of this homesickness. We wonder when we will be able to get out again; walk through a park, sit at a barstool in a cafe, or hop on a train to a new city and experience that thrill of the unfamiliar.

It is at this moment that we share our cookbook with you. With the stories of our far-flung kitchens filling the cookbook’s pages we hope that our recipes will provide you both the thrill of the unfamiliar, and the comfort of home.

Find the 4CITIES Cohort 10 Cookbook here.