For both prospective and current students, the question “what happens after 4CITIES?” is a natural one. Students of medicine tend to become doctors, students of law often work as lawyers, but what do students of urban studies do after graduating? Increasingly, 4CITIES graduates are making their mark in urban fields and beyond while developing a lifelong community of fellow alumni.

What do 4CITIES students do after graduating?

With the graduation of Cohort 09 in September 2018, 4CITIES now has more than 175 alumni. There is no general profile of 4CITIES graduates, or 4Citizens, as the wide variety of geographic and disciplinary backgrounds, skill sets, and personalities leads to many different paths. That said, here’s a rough breakdown of what alumni have been up to:

  • Approximately 90% of 4CITIES alumni are employed, with 76% of those employed having found work in six months or less.
  • 81% of employed alumni work in a field related to urban studies.
  • 93% report that 4CITIES prepared them well for their current employment.
  • The most common employers are public sector (39%), private sector (24%), and nonprofits or NGOs (17%). Several graduates have also founded their own research, planning, or consultancy firms.
  • 48% of graduates have continued their studies after 4CITIES, with half of those pursuing doctoral degrees and half another master’s degree to further develop specific skills.

It is important to note that 4CITIES is an academic program in urban studies, not a professional program in urban planning. Students engage in an interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares them to be scientific generalists. While an array of skills are introduced and developed, it is common for 4CITIES graduates to build on their master’s degree in urban studies with more sector-specific education, experience, and skill certification.

4CITIES Alumni Network

As the 4CITIES program matures and the number of graduates rises, an alumni network is taking shape. 2015 saw the formation of 4CAB, the 4CITIES Alumni Board, which works to communicate with alumni, connect graduates across cohorts and with current students, and organize alumni events. An annual alumni event, the September Salon, is held in Brussels during the graduation weekend, and 92% of alumni report that they feel connected to 4CITIES even after graduating.

Erasmus Mundus Association

4Citizens also have access to the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA), which connects them to current students and graduates of all Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree and doctoral programs.


Dispatches from the Field

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